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Sales is a nightmare.

You know it can help you find the customers you need. But it feels sleazy and scary.

Everyone feels that way.

You can use that to your advantage.

❌ "No one answers my emails"

❌ "I tried it, and it nothing worked"

❌ "I'll focus on marketing/building, sales is for later"

Becomes ...

✅ "People thank me for emailing them"

✅ "I have a hundred simple tactics up my sleeve"

✅ "I got paid upfront, before building the product"

Readers say...

Ryan knows what he's doing, jump on this if you want to learn how to sell stuff.
Jack Butcher - Visualize Value
This is some of the best help I’ve ever received online thank you 👏👏👏
Jordan Godbey - Co-Founder - Xperiencify
Fantastic, thank you. Gives me great direction as to where to start looking for more new clients. I appreciate it!
Alex Yolevski - Founder
The 'Harry dry for sales' spot is all yours
Naeem Parvez - Co-Founder

Who writes this?

I'm Ryan Doyle, a long-time sales professional for companies like Medallia and Braze.

I've helped 100+ small businesses start or improve their sales process.

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